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Big news.  Very big news.

Be sure to check back over the long weekend.

Some beers are embedded into you memory due to specific events in your life.  For me, I can never drink, see, walk by, even think about Redhook’s Longhammer IPA without thinking about local pizza spot “I Love NY Pie.”  Continue Reading »

As you can probably tell, I’m a fan of Lagunitas and their seasonal brews.  This summer has been good to me in that respect as I’ve been able to drink my favorite Lagunitas seasonal, Lucky 13, and be introduced to what is a new favorite, We’re Only In It For The Money.  Such a good summer comes at a cost though.  There have been changes to the Lagunitas release schedule.  Continue Reading »

When you head to work, you don’t always know what the day might have in store for you. Take for instance, today, when I set out to work riding my bike . The ride to work was fine, a little cool, but nothing out of the ordinary. It was the afternoon I had to fear.  Continue Reading »

I’ve had friends over for beer tastings and encourage basic note taking.  I usually get the question of “How do I taste beer?”  My response is to just go with it, taste what you taste, don’t get outside of yourself and just enjoy yourself.  It’s not a test, there’s no wrong answer, but some times people want more.  Thankfully, there are people smarter than I (quite a few in fact) to help out with this sort of thing.  Continue Reading »

Back in college there was an unofficial tradition a few of us had.  When it was going to be a party, there always seemed to be a 6-pack of Mendocino Brewing’s Eye of the Hawk in the back of the fridge.  Like clockwork, when the party was winding down, we’d finally get into the 6-pack.  This is where the stories would fizzle out, the night would become a blur and the party would end.  In honor of this not-so-noble tradition, I decided the Hawk deserved the proper respect and sat down with a bottle over the weekend.  Continue Reading »