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Christmas time brings us lots of once a year specials. We all know about the fantastic selection of brews available, but my personal favorite perk of the holiday season is the company Christmas party. But free beer, wine and food have nothing to do with this blog, well the beer does. This is about the trip to the bar before dinner. (more…)


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Lately, I’ve come across two beers that fit into the category of Half-Belgian beers. The timing is mostly coincidental, but last weekend I bottled a strong ale that I’ve been brewing every autumn for three years now. I lovingly named this years’ version “Yee Olde Halfe Belgian”. And what surprises me most about my beer is that in my brewing, I have iterated to a hop bill that matches the pros’ surprisingly well.


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I’m sure some of you have been to the site and seen the links to the right and wondered what they could be.  Out of fear of the unknown, you’ve avoided clicking them.  Fear no more.  I will give you a quick run down of what each site has to offer. (more…)

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Jeremy CowanMost of my favorite activities in life have something to do with beer. Drinking beer, brewing beer, writing about beer, you get the idea. One place beer is left out tends to be television. Most of the time you get some hokey show about beer that does little more than scrape the surface of what beer is all about. But occasionally, there’s some quality programming about the brewing industry. Now I have no idea where this falls, but He’Brew founder Jeremy Cowan will be on CNBC tonight on the show The Big Idea. So, if you like watching television about beer (who doesn’t?) check it out and let me know what you think.

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Here’s to 74 years

End Of Prohibition

Guess what folks, it’s a holiday! Well it should be at least. Seventy-four years ago, America kissed the 18th Amendment goodbye and welcomed the 21st Amendment. A little history on the amendment, it was ratified by all but 3 states at the time. Two of those states would ratify the amendment at a later date; Maine, the next day, and Montana the following August. The lone state to reject the amendment was South Carolina, and to this day, the state still sucks (sorry South Carolina, you brought this on yourself).

So grab your favorite beer, and celebrate your right to drink it. (Click through for more pictures of 1933 celebrations) (more…)

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Christmas Homebrews from Oregon

Hi homebrewers,

Sorry I have been away in Paris (more on that later) but I am back and lets get to an old Oregon tradition of brewing Christmas beer. Because nothing makes me want to drink 4-8 quality homebrews, than spending the day with my family during Christmas. This year I went with two beers, a spruce porter and a honey ginger orange IPA. Here are the recipes and I will let you know how they turn out. All recipes are for 5 gallons. (more…)

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Seasonal Release that is. One of my favorite local breweries (with a wide distribution) is Lagunitas. The IPA is their bread and butter, and while I have grown bored with it, the brewery still appeals to me with the other brews they release from time to time. I’m sure many of you have run into their wacky Frank Zappa inspired brews, but that day has passed. Winter brings new releases. This year, Cappuccino Stout in 22 oz bottles and 6 packs of Brown Shugga. (more…)

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