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We’ve got new digs.  Change your RSS feeds, links, homepage, etc to www.brewedforthought.com


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Coming Soon!

Big news.  Very big news.

Be sure to check back over the long weekend.

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So while I love me some beer, I’m also quite fanatical about my XM Radio.  BAsically, it goes everywhere I go, keeps me company while I work, and delivers all the baseball games I can listen to (which is quite a lot).  Since I’ve taken up this blogging thing, I offered to help out with a blog about satellite radio and submitted a review of the new GPS/XM unit I bought for my wife.   KLook for the link after the jump.  (more…)

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Check out a new feature to the site.  I have mentioned tossing beers into my closet a few times and felt that I should share the contents of said closet with everyone.  While I do a lot of things for the benefit of you readers, this one benefits me as well.  I was growing tired of digging through bottles on my hands and knees, and this gives me one place to look to know what’s in there.  Hope you all enjoy.  If you have any comments about the beers in there, please share them.  I will be updating it continuously, so keep checking in there to see any changes.

Brewed For Thought has moved. Continue reading this site at http://www.brewedforthought.com/?p=118

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