Slowly, Dogfish Head brews are trickling into the Bay Area. While I’ve written about the 90 Minute IPA, one of their more interesting beers would be Midas Touch. The recipe came from the remnant found inside a vessel buried inside of King Midas’ tomb. So it’s time for a little history lesson, as we drink like a king from times past.  Continue Reading »


Back in February, I bought an extra bottle of The Abyss by Deschutes. Originally, this bottle was meant for another. Unfortunately for them, our plans for the exchange fell through repeatedly and we gave up. It was then going to be shared with Wes when he was in town. This one fell through the cracks on a rather busy weekend of drinking. So I was determined to find someone to share this bottle with. I didn’t just find someone, I found many.  Continue Reading »

Have you ever wondered why the drinking age is 21?  Basically it was up to individual states to determine their own drinking age until 1984 when the National Drinking Age Act tied highway funds to maintaining a drinking age of 21.  So why 21?  Does it even work?  If you ask me, the answer is no.  A few people agree with me, and the topic has made it to the national press, so let’s discuss.  Continue Reading »

Some people might be asking that.  not only who’s Pete, but who’s Matt.  Matt brews Pete’s Wicked Ale, and Mississippi Mud and the beers you’d find under the Saranac label, among many more.  A few months back, Matt Brewing Company suffered a fire at their brewery.  Supposedly things are back on track, so to this accomplishment, I raise a glass of Pete’s Wicked Ale.  Continue Reading »

Ok, so The Beatles may have missed the mark slightly with this song title, but the fact is, there’s a job opening in the arena of publishing and craft beer.  Continue Reading »

Full Sail is one of those breweries that I’ve always been a bit indifferent towards. They’re signature brew is the amber, but nothing really jumps out at me as a must have beer. With that said, while walking the aisle of Trader Joe’s I’ve noticed their LTD for some time. This last trip, I finally decided to grab a bottle and give it a shot.  Continue Reading »

While I couldn’t make it to the Hopmonk for the Jambalaya Jam, I did take a bike ride on Saturday.  What do these things have to do with each other?  Let me see if I can fill in the gaps.  Continue Reading »