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Sam Adams (technically the Boston Beer Company) is one of those beer companies that straddles the line between craft and macro brewing. If I have an option between Sam Adams and any of the macros, I’m drinking a Sam Adams. Put it against even the most macro of the micros (Sierra Nevada, Redhook, Fat Tire) and I’m not drinking Sam Adams. So what’s the point of all this? Well, for Christmas I got the chance to try the Sam Adams Holiday pack, or a few selections from it anyways, and here is what I thought. (more…)


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We all know the wonderful selection of brews that the holidays bring, but it gets even better when that selection enters your home and makes itself cozy in your fridge. A couple trips down the beer aisle and some generous gifts from friends around the country have lead to a fridge full of holiday cheer and new beers I have yet to try. Here’s what I have in the fridge for Christmas. (more…)

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