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Back in February, I bought an extra bottle of The Abyss by Deschutes. Originally, this bottle was meant for another. Unfortunately for them, our plans for the exchange fell through repeatedly and we gave up. It was then going to be shared with Wes when he was in town. This one fell through the cracks on a rather busy weekend of drinking. So I was determined to find someone to share this bottle with. I didn’t just find someone, I found many.  (more…)

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You gotta love it when a brewery that is already known for quality beers decides to up the ante and release a premium line of brews.  That’s just what Deschutes did when they released their Abyss back in February.  A month ago, Black Butte XX hit the market.  Both of these are beefed up versions of established Deschutes stars.  With the next installment, Deschutes went in a different direction.  (more…)

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What really excites me about the craft brewing industry are the anniversary and tribute releases.  They are typically only available once and you have to make sure you catch them while you can, or hear other people rave about them, knowing the brew will never pass over your lips.  So here’s some news on these special ales that will be coming soon to a beer store near you.  (more…)

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