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The Party Ender

Back in college there was an unofficial tradition a few of us had.  When it was going to be a party, there always seemed to be a 6-pack of Mendocino Brewing’s Eye of the Hawk in the back of the fridge.  Like clockwork, when the party was winding down, we’d finally get into the 6-pack.  This is where the stories would fizzle out, the night would become a blur and the party would end.  In honor of this not-so-noble tradition, I decided the Hawk deserved the proper respect and sat down with a bottle over the weekend.  (more…)


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It’s Father’s Day, so I figured I would honor one of the brews still on the shelf that might be considered (among many) as a forefather of the craft brewing industry.  (more…)

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It’s Monday, I opened a Mendocino Impeial IPA, and wanted to share a little news from my neighboring counties.  Counties?  Yes, counties.  (more…)

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