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The time has come to clean out the mess known as the den closet.  This is where the wife and I tossed various things that had specific place when we first moved in 3 years ago.  Little has changed since then, but we have new bookcases so that means we have a place for books and such.  OK, so the bookcases are about a year old, but this is beside the point, it was time to dive in the closet and see what I could find.  (more…)

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I wrote a few weeks back about Michelob being set free from Anheuser-Busch. Michelob has always brewed a better beer, in my opinion at least, than the typical A-B offering. Recently, Michelob has been branching out into the craft beer forum. I felt now would be a good time to try one of their first craft brews, Amber Bock. (more…)

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There was a time when beer was swill and there was an option that was slightly less swilly, and it was called Michelob. Then, real beer hit the market and Michelob fell back to the level of swill. Now, it looks like Anheuser-Busch is trying to bring an end to that and has established Michelob Brewing Company, an autonomous unit under the A-B umbrella.  (more…)

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