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Some beers are embedded into you memory due to specific events in your life.  For me, I can never drink, see, walk by, even think about Redhook’s Longhammer IPA without thinking about local pizza spot “I Love NY Pie.”  (more…)

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Today’s Memorial Day, and to lighten a pretty somber holiday, I figured I’d look back at a couple brews that are no longer with us. (more…)

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Earlier this week it was announced that Redhook Ale Brewery, Inc. and Widmer Brothers Brewing Co. would be combining to create the Craft Brewer’s Alliance. Anheiser-Busch Cos. owned a minority stake in both companies before the deal and will also have a minority stake in the combined company. Both brands will remain separate, so don’t worry, that same mediocre beer will still be available, but now even more so. (more…)

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