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Alaskan Brewing Company is always a little different from the norm. Their flagship, Alaskan Amber is actually a lager, not the ale most would expect. They’re also well known for their Smoked Porter, a uniquely amazing brew that receives raving reviews from many beer aficionados, including this one. So why would the summer be any different, where Alaska brings us a kolsh-styled ale. (more…)


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In my house, summer and Boston mean one thing: the Red Sox.  My wife loves the Red Sox.  It’s all Big Papi, Manny being Manny and Jason Varitek until the last game is played.  Being a Giants fan, I am looking for some way to change this, even slightly.  My solution, as usual, was to buy beer.  I brought home a bottle of Sam Adams Summer Ale to try and change the perception of what summertime in Boston should bring to mind.  (more…)

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